Positive solutions for printing process,
comfort cooling, and heat recovery.

Omni Facility Maintenance’s, formerly AEG, focus is on chill water systems and heat recovery systems for the graphic arts industry. Our team custom designs, installs, and maintains energy efficient solutions to maximize your equipment’s life while lowering your cost of operation.

In order to keep project costs down without compromising the efficiency of your equipment, our team often relocates existing equipment or quotes pre-owned equipment that we have in stock. Omni Facility Maintenance also pursues energy-incentive funding to offset the cost of the project by thousands of dollars.

Projects include the following categories:

Chill Water Systems for Printing Process and Comfort Cooling

  • Relocate equipment from closed facilities to expand or increase the efficiency of existing chill systems
  • Install new or expand existing chill systems to allow for new presses
  • Increase the chill system efficiency to cut energy usage and lower the cost of operation, using new, high-efficiency water-cooled chillers and free cooling systems (new and used equipment is available)
  • Replace inoperable chill system equipment or install additional equipment for backup use
  • Incorporate air conditioning into the existing chill water system by eliminating rooftop air conditioners and using high-efficiency water-cooled chillers to cut energy usage in half

Heat Recovery Systems

  • Provide and install both new and used absorption chill systems that capture exhaust heat from the facility and use it to run an absorption chiller which is the most energy efficient solution for process cooling
  • Capture exhaust heat and use it to heat the facility with air rotation units or makeup air systems; this solution can provide “free” heat for the entire facility and greatly reduce utility costs

Zone Controls

  • Design chill-roll and vibrator-zone controls. These units provide precise temperature control at each printing press and allows the chill system to run at a cooler temperature without compromising the temperatures of the chill rolls and vibrators.

Incentive Funding Solutions

  • With all of our projects, we actively pursue energy incentives or governmental rebates to enhance your return on investment. We will provide operating cost analysis and work directly with the utility company when applying for incentives.

Service and Parts

  • We service air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, plate exchangers, pumps, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and electrical components for pumps and fans. We also supply parts for applied web systems (AWS), chillers, zone controls, and fountain circulators.